Specialized Wire EDM Machining Services in South Florida

Wire Technologies has specialized in and has grown to handle some the largest parts that Wire EDM can handle in the South Florida.  Wire Technologies’ precision wire EDM machining service provides more accurate results and superior surface finishes. Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (Wire EDM) is an advanced technology used in a manufacturing process to achieve a desired shape using electrical discharges or sparks.

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (Wire EDM) is a fast and smooth method of cutting through any conductive material, even the hardest of the materials. At Wire Technologies, we use a thin brass wire (typically .01″ to .012″ Diameter) to efficiently cut through any conductive materials.  We use Linear Driven Sodick Wire EDM Machines without any ball and screw, which means the table moves on a magnetic field, allowing for tight tolerances and repeatability.

Efficient and Cost effective Wire EDM service

At Wire Technologies, we can quickly and economically produce parts with Wire EDM technology that are ultra fine. During the EDM wire cutting process, our machining services work effortlessly without causing any harm to the original pieces. There is no pressure on the wire while the process is on, which eliminates the use of heavy clamps for holding the parts together.

With our wire EDM machining, we can easily cut through the hardest of the materials with the help of an electrical current. This effortless and time saving technology makes us one of the top EDM Companies in South Florida.

Customized service for Individual Needs

With our state-of-the-arts Wire EDM technology, we provide customized services to accommodate individual client’s requirements and needs. With our extensive line of innovative, high-quality machines, we are capable of providing Wire EDM services within a time frame. We serve a wide variety of industries and are capable of handling large and small projects alike.

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