Precision Machine Shop in South Florida

Wire Technologies has established itself as a full service precision machine shop in South Florida offering high quality, cost effective machining services. Starting off with just a one Sodick Wire EDM machine, Wire Technologies have now expanded their business, which includes exceptional CNC machining, milling and turning and many more. Our quality service is our pride and with state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced engineers, we strive to provide the best machining service to our clients.

Our State-Of-The-Art-Technologies

Wire Technologies started out with one Sodick Wire EDM machine and has continued to deliver exceptional engineering services with the latest additions, which now include CNC machining, multiple Wire EDM machines, a Sinker EDM Machine, a Small Hole “Popper” EDM Machine and a host of manual machinery to complement our shop. Our 5000 square feet facility not only has advanced machining technology, but also has skilled engineers to take up a great variety of engineering projects.

Serving Wide Range of Industries At The Most Competitive Pricing  

Wire Technologies is a Premium precision machine Shop in South Florida serving a wide range of industries. We have positioned ourselves to give you the most competitive pricing and best delivery for all your machining requirements. Our wide varied clients include industries such as: Aerospace, medical, oil and gas, energy, turbines, military and many more.

With our highly competitive workforce, we have the ability to take up any project from the scratch and with careful planning and precision work, turn it into a practical and cost effective product for our customer.