3D Printing Services Companies in South Florida

Are you looking for three-dimensional printing companies to produce a prototype for your part? At Wire Technologies, we have added 3D printing capabilities to our South Florida shop. This service allows you to create a digital prototype, adding thin layers of material to the design for a unique, solid 3D model. This innovative technology differs from conventional machining capabilities, which cut and drill materials, a subtractive process.

3d Printing Services Companies in South FloridaOur 3D printing services provide you with added value for all your machining needs. Because there are many industries that can benefit from 3D services in South Florida, we proudly serve the automotive, aerospace, medical, energy, metal, military, and injection molding industries.

The machine produces parts that are low resolution, but high quality. It is capable of printing sizes up to 9.8 x 6.3 x 5.9 inches. To be one of the trusted companies in the area, when you know what your final scale is for a 3D printed part, we’ll make sure our scale is adjusted to accommodate your needs.

As one of the only 3D printing companies in South Florida, our high quality printer specializes in the digital production of plastics. Our printer is the (x 1) Makerbot Replicator 2X 3D Printer, complete with a variety of specifications:

  • 11 micron XY Resolution
  • Dual-Extrusion Prints – take two interlaced colors and print through aligned dual nozzles without pause.
  • Minimum Thickness of Z Layer – 100 microns
  • USB, SD Card Included
  • Print ABS and PLA plastics

The plastics our 3D printing services in South Florida use are similar, but require different variables. PLA is more brittle as it’s made from plants, and ABS is resistant and tough as it’s made from petroleum. The strength of the printed products is relatively equal, but consult with our engineers to be sure you’re using the right materials for your services.

This is a great tool for manufacturing first run prototypes, providing you the opportunity to produce and hold the part in your hands so you know what the finished product will look—and feel—like. We’ll work with you to help bring your ideas to life, striving to be one of the trusted companies for all your machining needs.